House Painting Tips To DIY It Like A Pro!

Posted by: | Posted on: August 15, 2020

Ready to give your home a makeover? It’s amazing what a lick of fresh paint can do for a space! Whether you’re looking to modernize your home or update it enough to sell, you could seriously use some house painting tips to DIY your project like a pro!

Weather Matters

Many people overlook weather when it comes to interior painting, but did you know that humidity can make it harder for paint to dry? It simply makes sense to wait for a drier day, but if that’s not feasible for you, do take advantage of a slower drying time. Use the time you have to slowly paint, correct mistakes and prevent drips.

Always Do Prep Work

Even if your chosen paint purportedly works on all surfaces, you need a prepped and even surface for painting. Cracked, flaking or peeling drywall will result in your paint coming off. Poor prep work means your paint simply can’t adhere to the surface. In short, lightly dust your wall and repair cracked or peeling portions of your wall.

Buy Quality Supplies

It probably goes without saying that your finish is only as good as the quality of the supplies you use. When taking matters into your own hands, purchase painter’s tape, brushes and rollers that are of sound quality. This ensures that you do justice to your paint and your finish will rival that of a pro’s!

Use A Drop Cloth

Many people skip or skim over this step, but you must take care not to drip or splatter paint on your furnishings, floor or decorations. Drop cloths are your friend and they can help protect a large variety of surfaces in your household. Doorknobs, for example, are easily covered by sandwich bags.

Stick With A Primer

Most paints nowadays advertise having a paint and primer in one, but unless your wall is nearly perfect, go with a primer! A primer can ensure you prep your wall accordingly and your fresh paint will adhere much better. This is especially the case when choosing to use a lighter color on a darker one.

Don’t Use Too Much Pressure

Most quality rollers are equipped to hold quite a bit of paint, therefore, you don’t need to apply too much pressure to paint your walls. Bear in mind, using unnecessary pressure will leave unsightly marks on your wall and mar your hard work.

Use A Downward Motion

The first step is always to cut in your edges in the corners and next to your baseboards. Once you do that, you can use your paint roller the entire time. It’s important to start on top and work in a downward motion. The moment you see a mistake or a paint splatter, go over it before it dries to ensure a smooth finish.

Hiring a professional painting contractor isn’t in everyone’s budget. If you find that your wallet is lacking but you can put in the time, you can achieve a nice paint job by following the simple advice above!