How To Repair and Fix Some Common Sprinkler Problems

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The performance of the sprinkler system is of immense importance in ensuring that your plants are well watered while working in your lawn or garden. When anything happens to go astray with the sprinkler system, many people definitely tend to get worried about the amount of cash they will incur to have somebody fixing the problem. Well, from now on you will no longer have to worry anymore as the following information will guide you in carrying quick sprinkler repair.  You can also call Hawaii Sprinklers for more information.

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Irrigation Sprinkler RepairSome of the most common problems with sprinkler heads include spraying a geyser, failing to go back down as expected and breaking. When this is the case, it becomes important for you to replace it immediately to avoid further unwanted results. You first of all need to check the nozzle’s size, the manufacturer and the model size of the head as indicated on it so that you can easily get the its replacement. After buying a new head, you need to get down to work by digging round the head to create enough room. Unscrew all the nuts holding the broken head making sure that no dirt finds way into the sprinkler’s riser. Screw the new head in place and after running down water to test it and ensure its working after which you just need to fill the hole you had earlier dug.

Broken Hose

Though it may seem a complex task to many, repairing a broken hose is quite a simple job that you can do on your own. You only need to first pay attention to where the water leakage is coming from though it may not be the actual area where the hose has broken. However, it will help in leading you to the exact section of the hose where the problem is, immediately you starting digging around. Once you have identified the broken area, measure the diameter of the pipe so that you will get the right replacement from local hardware stores. Cut the new pipe to a size-able length that will depend on the size of the damaged section of the old hose. Replace the damaged hose by simply cut it off and fixing the new with a sealant.

Make sure that the new pipe fits perfectly and one way of doing this is to ensure that you give the sealant about 15 minutes to dry for maximum results. Run the water before filling up the dug area with soil to ensure that everything is good once again.